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From traditional classic cuts to modern day styling our professional team will deliver the style you’re looking for. All haircuts at Groomen include a complimentary shampoo & scalp condition, a straight blade neck shave AND a hot towel off so you don’t leave covered in hair! We use and highly recommend AMERICAN CREW & REDKEN FOR MEN with all our hair services.

Groomen Essential Men's Cut

Haircut, shampoo/conditioner, straight blade nape shave & hot towel finish.

Groomen Essential Cut for Defence Personnel

Defence ID must be shown.

Groomen Crew

Clipper with one size only.

Flat Top

High and tight and flat on top, finished with precision.

Full Scalp Shave

For gentleman who would like their hair expertly removed with the use of the straight blade razor.

Groomen Boys to Men

Primary school boys
High school boys


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We can provide any combination of, permanent colour, grey camouflage and foils to suit your needs. Camo colours are on offer for the man that wants to refresh the colour of their hair without looking like he has had it done. Foils are done so strategically that people will ask you what looks new about you because they can’t actually pinpoint that you’ve had any colour done. 


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If you are concerned about any issues you are having with your skin including shaving irritation OR you just want to take some time out for you then our Groomen skin treatments are just what you need. All treatments are tailored to your specific skin type and to any skin conditions you may be experiencing. We use and highly recommend BAXTER of CALIFORNIA and ESHAVE for all men’s skin detailing services. These professional high quality ranges are designed specifically for men and are only found in exclusive men’s salons around the world.

Groomen Essential Facial

Deep cleanse, exfoliation, mini facial massage, and mask.

Groomen Executive Facial

Deep cleanse, exfoliation, 20 minute face, neck and shoulder massage, facial mask and scalp massage.

Beard Trim

Neatened, Clippers & Beard oil.

Beard Trim with Straight Blade Edges

Sharpen those edges with Razor work, Styled with Scissors & Beard oil.

Face Shave

A traditional and relaxing full face shave using a Straight Blade with Hot/Cold towels & Moisturising.


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If you have hair where you don’t want it we’ll wax it! Smooth, hair-fee skin gives definition to your muscles and feels great! At Groomen we specialise in men’s waxing using the highest quality wax available. All waxing treatments include a Tea-Tree antiseptic post waxing wash to prevent skin irritation.


Collar Wax or Top of Shoulders



Half Back

Full Back

Chest or Abdomen




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A relaxation massage helps you de-stress and loosen up your body and is also great for those who have had a hard week at work or just feel like treating themselves to some TLC!
Relax both your muscles and your mind.

Half Hour Back, Neck and Shoulder

50 min Back of Body


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For the essential grooming of hardworking hands and tired feet.

MENicure Hands

Includes nail clip, file and buff, hand exfoliation and moisturiser.

Groomen Feet Detail

Includes a nail clip, file and buff and an exfoliation and massage of the feet and lower legs.


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Groomen Essential Man Package

Get all your essential grooming with this great package deal!

Groomen Executive Man Package

You've worked hard, life is stressful. Spoil yourself with this executive package and feel ready to face the world again!


  • Groomen Essential Men's Haircut
  • Groomen Essential Haircut for Defence Personnel
  • Groomen Crew Cut
  • Groomen Boys to Men (High school boys)
  • Groomen Little Men (Primary school boys)
  • Beard Trim
  • Eyebrows Waxed
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Welcome to Groomen, the ultimate choice for men who want to look their best.

At Groomen, we understand that when men look great, they feel great. That’s why our exclusive men’s salon offers complete grooming solutions for men of all ages.

Treat yourself to a precision men’s haircut from one of our expert stylists; whether you’re after a basic trim or an entirely new style or colour, we know you’ll appreciate the Groomen difference. All our haircuts include a complimentary shampoo and condition as well as eyebrow, ear and nose trim if you require it!

Great hairstyles are only part of what we offer at Groomen, we believe all men have the right to proper grooming. We offer our popular traditional straight blade shaves, hair treatments, beard and goatee trims and our unique salon only men’s colour blending service.

For the man who not necessarily likes to get waxed, but likes to be waxed, we cater for that too. In the privacy of our men’s grooming room a lot of our clientele get regular neck, back, shoulders, eyebrow and stomach waxing services.

It’s a time for you to relax, unwind and enjoy some well-deserved time out in the surrounds of a men’s only salon. With sports and news on TV in the waiting area, magazines you actually want to read, a complimentary bottle of water on arrival or if you prefer boutique beers are available.

Our team look forward to pampering you.


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